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Conflict and Negotiation Essay

Conflict inside organization can be defined as the workplace issue that generates frequent expressions of emotion, frustration and anger. Conflict is fundamental to every functional organization. It is important to realize that conflicts are inevitable in organizational and personal life. Without conflict an organization will become stagnant, some times not productive. Conflict in the workplace is inevitable and occurs because people care about what they are doing. Conflict has good and bad consequences inside organization.

Conflict make people or teams grow together, help motivate individuals to do better and work harder, satisfy needs such as dominance, aggression, esteem and ego; provide creative and innovative ideas. On the same time, conflict can slow growth, reduce productivity, waste huge amounts of time, make workplace life miserable, and affect individual and organizational performance. It is very important for the management to be able to identify conflict from the beginning because it’s easier to prevent unnecessary conflict than to manage conflict once it started.

The conflict resolution requires great managerial skills. It is important for the executive to be able to reduce or eliminate unnecessary conflict and handle disagreements so they do not become ugly ongoing conflict. Management needs to be able to deal with calm once that conflict started, to remain neutral and judge objective, to apologize to the part that is affected by conflict in order to show that they care, to identify the consequences, request for specific actions that can be implemented right away.

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