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Composite Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Time and tide waits for no man

1.A composite materials (or composite) is a structure of materials that is formed by twoor more different substances such as metal, glass, ceramic and polymer. 2.Some common composite materials are: a.Reinforces concrete b.Superconductor c.Fibre opticd.Fibre glasse.Photochromic glass  REINFORCES CONCRETE 1.Concrete is hard, fireproof, waterproof, comparatively cheap and easy to maintain. It ismore important construction materials. 2.The reinforces is a combination of concrete and steel.  SUPERCONDUCTOR 1.Metal such as copper and aluminium are good conductor of electricity, but 20% of theelectric energy is lost in the form of heat during transmission. 2.Super conductor are materials that have no resistance to the flow of electricity at a particular temperature. Hence, 100% electricity transmission is possible. 3.One of the most dramatic…