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Competitor Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Learning from a Competitor’s Experience

David Cook was known to be the father of Blockbuster Inc. In 1982, Cook founded the Cook Data Services, Inc which wholly offered software and computer devices. This company was founded in Dallas, Texas. Cook then ventured to another field of business by the recommendation of his wife. Thus, in the year 1985, Cook opened the first Blockbuster store (Microsoft Encarta 2007). Since then, the company has been hailed as one of the largest entertainment brands in the world. Blockbuster offers movie and gaming rentals on-store and online. With over 8,000 stores throughout the world, it serves not just as a rental store but also a retailer store for movies and other related media productions. To name a few, franchises…

My Market Research Plan

The business is an online clothing brand that sells products like beanies, hats, jumpers or t shirts exclusive to the brand. Purpose of the market research (eg to understand the behaviour of my customers, to find out who my competitors are and what they are doing, to understand what the market is like that I am entering etc) The purpose of this market research is to have an important knowledge about the market that I’m entering, to know the strengths and weaknesses of every direct and indirect competitor in order to find the gaps in the market that can lead to the success of the brand. Another purpose of the market research is to understand what products customers want, and…

Walt disney marketing plan

  Relationship to other plans: Corporate goals with respect to profit, growth and so on. – Desired market share Positioning of the company or its product lines Vertical or horizontal integration Strategic alliances Product-line breadth and depth Customer-relationship management  Marketing-related plans: (developed by people who do not report to marketing) Sales Advertising and promotion Public relations and publicity Marketing research Pricing Customer service All the independent plans must be considering the marketing plan and how all those tie together.  Corporate direction: Mission statement Corporate philosophy Corporate goals  Positioning: How the enterprise intends to differentiate in the market. All the members of the marketing and sales departments and their service suppliers must know the desired positioning of the…