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Competitive Profile Matrix Emirates Essay

In order to construct a competitive profile matrix, it is necessary to determine critical success factors in airline industry. These are: strong management, organization of routes, availability of non-stop flights, qualified workforce, in-flight services and service promotions, price competitiveness, effective financial management, cost management. Main competitors of Emirates Airline can be divided into two groups: private airline companies and airline alliances. Key airline alliances posing strong competition to Emirates Airline are SkyTeam, Star Alliance and oneworld (Plunkett, 2011). AirAsia is a private company also presenting a significant competitive threat for Emirates Airline (Plunkett, 2011).

It is possible to see that also the competitive performance of Emirates Airlines is above average (2.55) and private companies like AirAsia generally have lower competitive capacity (Graham, Papatheodourou & Forsyth, 2010), all three airline alliances have strong or even close to superior competitive profiles, which means that Emirates Airlines should aim to develop competitive power compared to that of the major alliances.

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