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Competitive Advantage Essay

One competitive advantage of the company is that it captured the taste and the unique taste of the Filipino families. We have the best staff who are hardworking, motivated, and well-trained. People are at home because the crew talked to the customers in local language unlike other outlets, where the crew spoke in English. The pride of being a Filipino brand


Another alternative that we are thinking on applying is that we should pursue our strategy of diversification through acquiring other fast-food operations and then strengthen and shape them according to the palate of the locals. We think that the reason why our small subsidiaries would fail is that we lack knowledge and further study of the market. We tend to operate it as how it was operated then before we acquired it, but often we fail due to our lack of knowledge on how to effectively operate it. We acquire it without researching first on the market so we are thinking of initiating an intensive market study in the localities.

As to the already acquired fast-food chains, we would shape it according to the result of the study. As to be acquired, before acquiring the restaurant, we would make a market study with the experts on the country in general. We are also thinking on tapping a college or a university on a particular locality or city to initiate a study just like what the De La Salle University did. If we already know if a particular restaurant suits the result in our study, that’s the time that we would acquire it. With this initiative, it is possible that we could cut our cost by not spending on unprofitable restaurants to acquire.

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