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Competitive Advantage by Human Resource Management Essay

In today’s climate of global competition, the source of motivation varies–some are driven by money, some by a yearning to build relationships (Hollyforde et al, 2002). Yet, with the development of technology and global competition, new ways of working -these changes have had significant implications for the majority of the full-time workforce within the industrialized world, there are some issues, such as leadership, teamwork, empowerment etc, which are vitally important and need to be managed carefully, each of these concepts merits deeper analysis as we enter the 21st Century.

Therefore, it is important to explore how contemporary human resource management (HRM) develops to highly skilled, loyalty employees and affect organisation’s performance, thus resulting in significant competitive advantages. This assignment will discuss and present some arguments regarding this statement from the following two areas: How contemporary HRM affects organisations’ performance based on the cases of Xerox and Microsoft, and recommendations for organisations how to gain competitive advantages through implementation of good HRM for a better 21st Century.

Essay Topics:

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