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Comparison of Themes: Exercise of Free Will Essay

The stories of Odyssey and Alchemist were brought into existence in two different periods of time and place; however, there are significant similarities that could be seen from the stories, in which one of these is the expression of the free will of the two main characters. In the story, both Odysseus and Alchemist were placed in a difficult situation that compelled them to act based on their philosophical view that guided them through the course of their journey. Free will produces determination.

The best expression of free will is being unwavering in his decision. In the stories, Odysseus and Santiago went into a journey for the dream they most desired to achieve. At first, Odysseus had to be deceptive not to reveal his true identity in order to restore his kingdom and family; while Santiago had to experience being swindled during his journey to get his treasure. Free will is a manifestation of beliefs. The strategies made by the two characters are contradicting in views yet revealing their true conviction.

As a warrior himself, Odysseus knew a lot of tactics to oust his enemy; thus, by hiding his identity, he was able to overthrow the suitors in the palace. While Santiago passively accepted his ordeal for he knows in that way, he could get what he desired most. Free will molds characters. The best decision is in most cases undergoes difficult process that molds character. Odysseus and Santiago had learned patience and courage, which brought them success in their endeavor.

Indeed, the most desirable means to get something in life is exercising free will that manifests true self and conviction. However, the result may be desirable or undesirable but all depends on one’s philosophy in life. Decision making therefore requires careful planning founded on one’s belief and value system. Reference The Alchemist Summary/Plot Review. LitSum. http://litsum. com/alchemist/ The Odyssey: Themes, Motifs and Symbol. SparkNotes. http://www. sparknotes. com/lit/odyssey/themes. html

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