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Comparison Essay

Both of Emily Dickinson’s poems are about death. “Because I Could Not Stop For Love” is more about the cycle of life than death. “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” relates to the final moment before death. Emily Dickinson’s poems are both centered on death; “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” is based more around upbeat and happy scenes, as where “I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died” talks about the preparation before death.

Although both poems have very different meaning, the two poems both focus on the ending of life. In the last line of “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” Emily Dickinson says were toward eternity. In Dickinson’s second poem it says, now she waits for the king to come. In the first poem Dickinson refers to eternity meaning after death living for forever. In the second poem waiting for the king to come relates to the end of existence, when the king comes back to take us all.

In “Because I Could Not Stop For Death” has a happy ending and is a very appealing poem. Dickinson describes a girl being picked up in a carriage for all of life’s journeys. Where Dickinson’s second poem was a serious poem, describing the build up right before death. She mentions the stillness in the air, and breath-gathering firm. One poem is very heart warming and, the other is very serious.

These poems ultimately have the same meaning, but both take a different look at death. The first poem contains the process of life before death, and how she is working for a new beginning. Dickinson’s second poem talks about her death being the end of everything, Dickinson even mentions decaying in the grave. The first poem has a positive outlook on death, and the second portrays a rough end to life.

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