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Comparing web applications Essay

It’s the technology used for how web browsers submit forms and interact with programs on the server. It’s used for simple interactive applications and can be used with any programming language. CGI applications are often called “CGI Scripts”, they run in the server not in the web browser, and they must follow server requirements for running applications. ISAPI:

It’s an N-tier API of IIS and consists of two components: extensions and filters. These are the only two types of applications that can be developed using ISAPI, they must be compiled into DLL files which are then registered with IIS to be run on the web server. ISAPI extensions are true applications that run on IIS, ISAPI filters are used to modify or enhance the functionality provided by IIS. SSI:

It is a tool that you can use to eliminate repetitive types of information on your web pages. It is a file the server includes in a web page before sending it out to a browser. It uses headers, navigation panels, and footers. It’s useful because you only need to change one file and every web page using that element picks up the update.

This technology allows a web server to change the information that is presented to the visitor in a website based on different criteria. It is a scripting language that is embedded in a code on the page that the web server can look at to change the information on the webpage. It works similar to HTML. ASP.NET:

ASP.NET is a web application framework developed by Microsoft to build dynamic data driven Web applications and Web services. ASP.NET is a subset of .NET framework, a framework is a collection of classes, and ASP.NET is the successor to classic ASP. ASP.NET web pages, known officially as Web Forms, are the main building blocks for application development, and these web forms are contained in files with a “.aspx” extension.

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