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Comparing Mongols and Aztecs Essay

The Mongol ad Aztec empires evolved on opposite sides of the world and with different techniques. The Mongol empire was established in the eastern hemisphere with a foundation basically already built previously. The Aztecs established their empire on the western hemisphere and will no foundation previously built because they were geographically isolated from the rest of the world to gain ideas and technologies built.

Although the rise of the Mongol and Aztec empires differed in the rights of women during the post classical period, they were similar in that both empires made people pay various forms of tribute. The Mongol and Aztec empires were different politically in women’s abilities. In the Mongol empire, women had more rights. They could participate in the military, initiate a divorce from their husband, and could ride horses. On the other hand, in the Aztec empire, the women had no public role in their society.

They could only bear a child and participate in marketplaces. While women in the Mongol empire could be active in their society, it caused them to make their economy stronger and by having women also participate in the military, and making them able to be larger and stronger. The Mongol and Aztec empires were similar economically. They both expected some form of tribute to be payed. In the Mongol empire, they expected the conquered people to pay taxes and if they did, they would not be harmed.

However, in the Aztec empire, the people had to pay tribute annually to be sacrificed. Territories also had to make payments of maize, beans, and other goods. While both the Mongols and Aztecs wanted their people to pay tribute, the Mongols use it for governmental purposes and the Aztecs used tribute for sacrificial and religious purposes. Although the rise of the Mongol and Aztec empires differed the way women could participate in their society during the post classical period, they both used a form of tribute that was paid by the residents within each empire.

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