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Comparing and contrasting the presentation Essay

 Comparing and contrasting power in Hawk Roosting and Human Interest The effects of power seem to be largely psychological in both poems. In Human interest the damage coursed by love and jealousy drives the man to kill his lover , to show power not only to himself but to his girlfriend. Later on in the poem we see the man in his prison cell questioning his motive behind his sudden outburst of rage; whereas in Hawk Roosting the hawk believes there’s no need for other predator’s existence as nature is ‘all’ his and ‘no arguments can assert’ his right to his power to kill. In Hawk Roosting the hawk has no restrictions in life and does as he pleases as he see’s himself as an all mighty being. But in Human Interest the man has a spur of the moment action that has a long-lasting effect, both on the dead girlfriend and on him in terms of a prison sentence.

The effect of power on the hawk causes him to become arrogant and this making the pointlessness in other animals while the effect of power on man drives them insane and blind to those around us. The hawk wishes to ‘keep things like this’ and although we know this is about the hawk wanting to keep himself above all the rest he will eventually crumble and fall just as nature intended. The hawk abuses his power by killing those smaller then him to increase his status in the food chain. The effects of power leave contrasting images of a grief-stricken man left in a secluded room and the arrogance of roaming free, though both eventually are seen as murderers in life and will be nothing more.

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