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Compare and Contrast of Mount Vernon and Monticello Essay

Mount Vernon and Monticello are different places; however, they share similarities and differences in many ways, therefore, making them two amazing historical homes to learn about in American History.

Mount Vernon and Monticello are similar in very few ways; Mount Vernon and Monticello are both homes of U.S presidents that lived in Virginia, the two estates were three stories high, the properties both included slave quarters and gardens, and inside both homes included Palladian windows. Each property had an ice house and a greenhouse; however, they were constructed differently.

Mount Vernon and Monticello are different in many ways; George Washington inherited the property at Mount Vernon by his half brother, while it took Thomas Jefferson 40 years for him to design and build his home in Monticello. Thomas Jefferson had many inventions and artifacts in his home, including a telescope, the first copier, the revolving chair, four eight-foot-cube cisterns; the seven-day clock that only has an hour hand, and other magnificent inventions. He had an indoor bathroom inside his home. His bed was in between two rooms. His home was the first estate that ever had an octagonal dome shape room. Mount Vernon has boarded floors, Monticello did not.

Each estate has its similarities and differences, however, their unique structures and owners placed them in America’s history for the generations after us. In every way, we will remember Mount Vernon and Monticello because of these unique aspects of each home, making them the two of the most historical homes in America.

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