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Community Living Covenant Essay

Upon beginning a new chapter in my life and entering my first year of college, I have a strong desire to attend a school in which my Christian values will be respected, and also where I can learn and grow in my faith. Because my life already parallels the expectations set forth in the covenant, I do not feel living up to these standards will be difficult. In fact, I embrace the idea that I will be surrounded by others who hold the same morals and values that I do. In that sense, it will make the transition into college life a much easier one.

I look forward to learning academically, as well as spiritually through the chapel services and Bible studies. Attending religious classes and mission trips is also an exciting prospect for me. Perhaps the only challenge that I can anticipate at this time is that of leaving the covenant upon graduation and entering into a secular world that does not always support my Christian way of life. However, I feel that the knowledge I gain from attending Point Loma will equip me with the skills necessary to contribute to society as well as maintain my relationship with Christ.

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