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Communist Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Communist Manifesto

In the era of contemporary politics, many new ideas and school of thoughts have emerged that deal with various concerns in the society. These new ideas may tackle new phenomena that are observable in the world nowadays as well as pressing concerns that people are experiencing. However, most of these current ideas are actually largely grounded and dependent upon the previous body of knowledge that was developed before in history. This body of knowledge is regarded as the foundation in the development of various thoughts regarding a particular subject matter. This kind of adage is greatly applicable in the Communist Manifesto that was written by Karl Marx. The Communist Manifesto serves as the primary document that plays an important role…

PEST analysis of Vietnam

·Political factors: · government type: Vietnam is known as a Socialist Republic. · freedom on economy: Vietnam has not high economic freedom, which score is 51.0. Even though the index of Vietnam can not compare with western developed countries’, however since 1986 the government implement open-door to the outsider world policy, making Vietnam becoming to an open country and attracting increasingly investors’ attention and opportunities. · Political Stability: Vietnam is an independent, socialist republic country, governed by the only power: Communist party of Vietnam—-contribute to the stable and safe environment. · Taxation on inflation: As inflation in Vietnam has been rising recent years, however the first quarter in 2013 the index take a turn for the better, lower the before…