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Communicators Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How to be an effective communicator

Good communicators are not born they are created, and you cannot create one out of yourself overnight. You have to have constant practice and some rules to follow. Other than learning how to speak clearly and avoiding monotonous voice which will definitely play a big part to becoming the best in your chosen career, avoiding plagiarism is also an important thing to consider. What is plagiarism? – “Is using ideas and/or words from a different person, claiming as ones own without proper credit to the real source (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)”. – “The inability to give credit and acknowledge ideas or phrases used in any paper, publication, or project submitted but gained from another person (http://english.la.psu.edu)”. What are the different types of plagiarism? 1.     …

Communicators of the Sea

Dolphins are common creatures at rivers and seas. Majority of small toothed whales are dolphins. Dolphins are large sea animals making it part of the cetaceans, where whales and porpoises belong (Stoops, 1996). Dolphins belong to family Plantanistidae and Delphinidae, respectively. Often, people used dolphins and porpoises interchangeably denoting same species but porpoises in particuclar and dolphins are different species. Porpoises belong to family Phocaenidae; it has a rounded snout and chisel-liked teeth. While dolphins are under family Plantanistidae and Delphinidae, instead of a rounded snout, dolphins have beak like snout and sharp, conical teeth (http://www. dolphinlovers. com/facts. php) Fig. 1 Comparison between the snout of a porpoise and a dolphin Dolphins are outgoing creatures; often they are mingling in…