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Communication and Customer Service Essay

The time that I was not satisfied with a service is the time I rented movies at the local video store. My problem had nothing to with the experience or how I was treated during my rental. My complaint came the day after when I returned the movies. When I return movies I always bring them back hours before they are due and I either put them in the back drop off or the front drop off, I rarely go into the store to return them.

It was around 1pm when the movies were returned and later on that day I got a phone call from the video store around 7pm with a message that my rentals were late. I told the employee that I returned them in the back drop off and to check it. Well this same type of situation happened to me 3 weeks in a row. The 3rd time was the last straw so the next time I rented videos I made a complaint and told them how I felt and where I always drop the movies off when I return them.

The complaint I made was delivered in a nice, peaceful verbal manner. Since then I have no problems with getting phone calls for movies that aren’t late. I spoke to the employee directly so therefor I didn’t send them an email about my complaint. If I did send an email it would be an assertive communication style email. It would be written professional and state my expectations of the company. I would not label or judge anyone or the company in any way in the email.

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