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Common Sense Summary Essay

Summary of Thomas Pain’s Common Sense Thomas Pain believed strongly in supporting the colonies for colonial independence. “The sun never shined on a cause of greater worth,” says Thomas Pain. He believed that not only the country should be involved but of at least 1/8 part of the globe. He illustrates in his article that a new era for politics has struck which leads to a new method of thinking. Pain also shows that reconciliation with Britain is not the answer. He states that America will flourish as much or more without Britain. Pain also illustrates how people think that Britain is protecting them.

He responds saying that Britain was only thinking of Britain’s own interest instead of thinking of the interests of the colonies. Pain concludes in his article four of why they must show their declaration for independence. First he states that Britain and the Colonies may quarrel forever. Secondly he states that France and Spain want help the colonies unless they rebel and fight. Thirdly he states that they should be considered rebels and unite to fight the British. Fourthly they will send out to foreign courts published documents that state miseries that they have endured and the peaceful methods they used in return.

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