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Common Prayer Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The Gallican Rite and Eucharistic Rite II: A Comparison

The Gallican rite emerged from Gaul in the fifth century C. E. , and was used in Western Christianity through the seventh and eighth centuries, being gradually replaced by first the Ambrosian and finally the Roman rites. The main textual sources for the form and content of the Gallican rite are the letters of St. Germanus of Paris, though a variety of sources, from the British Isles to Spain, are used for the rite’s reconstruction. While the Gallican rite is solemn, dramatic, and “overlaid with a profusion of items,” it is also fluid and flexible, since no official Ordinary for the rite exists. The Eucharistic Rite II, by contrast, is laid out in the Episcopalian Book of Common Prayer, and…