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Committee Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Bubonic plague versus influenza

The bubonic plague, also called the Black Death, was considered the largest demographic disaster in the history of Europe. It arrived in Italy in late 1347 through its clockwise movement across the continent fizzling out in the Russian remote areas in 1353 (Routt). It had killed about eight million people (Routt). Before the bubonic plague, Europe was already intensifying food production because of the expansion of its population from approximately 25 million in the year 700 A. D. to approximately 75 million in 1250 (Dudgeon). The Black Death is known as yersinia pestis, a bacterium that caused the bubonic plague (Dudgeon). Bubonic plague started with the bite of infected fleas which inhabited the rats and then resulted to a blackish…

Congress Study Guide

1.What is the paradox regarding Congress and public opinion? Congress is considered by many to be the system’s broken branch. It has probably been the object of more mass public distrust and more elite reform proposals than either the presidency or the federal judiciary combined. This is true although most incumbent members usually win re-election and congress has consistently expanded programs and adopted policies that most citizens favor. 2. How does the book describe partisan polarization in Congress? What is the explanation for why Congress today seems more polarized than it die up until the 1970s? The book describes partisan polarization as a vote in which a majority of voting democrats oppose a majority of voting republicans. Congress today seems…

The Effect Of Internal Control On The Operating Activities Of Small Restaurants

ABSTRACT Researchers have found that more than 67% of restaurants fail within the first 3 years of their operation. These findings underscore the restaurant industry’s current crisis of profitability and survivability. The industry’s average profit is generally small, ranging from 3% to 7%. Despite these problems, researchers have not examined the effect of internal control on the operating activities of small restaurants. Internal control is defined in this study as all the policies and procedures management uses to ensure the reliability of financial reporting, compliance with laws and regulations, and the effectiveness and efficiency of operations. The purpose of this study was to determine restaurant managers’ perceptions of the internal control systems and (a) the protection of assets, (b) the…