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Commitment Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The difference between love and commitment

Commitment and love are related but different aspects of personal relationship that might exist between two individuals. Commitment can be defined as basically the decisions that individuals involved in a personal relationship or not make to remain in a relationship. Commitment calls for the obedience of a given set of rules that defines the given relationship. This usually means that commitment is focused in ensuring that the parties involved in the relationship intend to share some foreseeable future. It essentially assumes that the individuals intend to share the future regardless of tough or bad times. Love on the other hand is the strong emotional and romantic feeling that individuals might have for each other. Unlike commitment, love is such a…

The effect of transformational leadership on organizational commitment: mediating role of empowerment

Globalization has brought much effect to the organization, fierce competition and dynamic customer preference, which force the organization to adapt with the changes in order to survive and succeed. Facing fierce competitions, the organization needs the leaders who can adapt with those dynamic competitions. In organizational context, leadership is one of the factors that determine the organizational competitiveness in global and local economy and leadership can be seen as the essential instrument in achieving the organization strategies and goals, the leaders must deal with the dynamic environment and also supported by follower who shows their commitment to the organizational. In facing the fierce competition, the needs to change not only just the external environment like product, service, technology, but also…

Introduction to Counselling

  Definition of a Counsellor Counselling is about to give help rather than advice, advice frequently means telling people what they should or ought to do, and this has no place in counselling. Counsellors look at what is possible, but do not tell clients what they should do. That would be the counsellor taking control rather than the client gaining control. The primary difference between counselling and other forms of helping is the way in which the counsellor listens. A counsellor should always be factual within their notes, you should always take notes after a session while fresh on your mind, taking notes in a session can cause clients to maybe feel worried or nervous on what you’re putting down…