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Commandment Relation to Christ-like Love Essay

The commandment I choose which displays three types of Christ-like love is the 8th commandment, “Thou shall not steal”.
The first type of Christ-like love that the commandment “Thou shall not steal” displays is desiring what is the best for others. Stealing is something that is very wrong. For example, if someone is angry at someone, they might express their anger by stealing their belongings. This is not right. Someone can just approach the person they are angry at, and tell them how they feel about the situation. This is much better for others instead of stealing.

The second type of Christ-like love that the commandment “Thou shall not steal” displays is that it is an emotion and decision. Stealing is a decision that is made when people go through various types of emotions. Some emotions include anger, frustration, mad, stressed, etc. When someone feels like this, they might feel like stealing someone’s belongings . By making the decision not to steal, it will make someone feel a different type of emotion. They will feel proud because they know that they are doing the right decision instead of doing something bad. Nevertheless, this is why the commandment “Thou shall not steal ” is an emotion and decision.

The third type of Christ-like love that the commandment “Thou shall not steal” displays is walking away from harm. Depending on what is stolen, it can be considered a crime. Nevertheless, anytime of stealing is wrong, no matter how valuable the item is. For example, if someone stole a top from The Gap store, it is considered a crime. In addition to this wrong crime, if someone steals a pencil from a teacher’s desk it is just as wrong. Even though the pencil isn’t as valuable as a top, any type of stealing causes harm. When walking away from this, it saves harm for both the stealer and the victim. Both people will not be involved in any type of stealing situation when showing the Christ-like love of walking away from harm.

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