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Collection Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Steps and Hurdles: Collection Strategy Development

The primary problems in intelligence collection strategy are associated mainly with the five steps in the process of levying the requirements: 1. Defining the requirement, or locating intelligence gaps. Requirements and intelligence gaps are to be clear to the intelligence collector at the onset. The intelligence analyst no matter how scarce the source of intelligence information to be collected must spend his time wisely by not wasting time stressing on the gaps. Gaps must be stated in terms of possible avenues of approach to solve concerns and issues and not merely in general terms (Bundy, W. P. ). 2. Stating the requirement for the collector. The requirement should seek feasible particular answers that bear on the desired conclusion. Whoever the…

University Art Museum

As far as the article went, there were two directors for the University Museum after the founder passed away. It started as a small, personal collection that happened to be held at the University and only the owner’s friend were invited to view the small collection of art. Once the collection was passed on to Miss Kirkoff, she found the collection too valuable to be hidden away and thought that it should be shared and expanded upon for the greater good of the University. She thought it should be used as a resource for the University’s students and faculty. Kirkoff made the museum into a learning facility that greatly benefited students and faculty on many levels. They found the museum…