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Coding Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Splitting Up: Providing Control Mechanism, Optimization and Efficiency

While the technology has unquestionably been at the forefront of the rapid changes in any organization as it provides a low-cost, ubiquitous tool for facilitating business transactions through the use of electronic media to engage in the purchase and sale of goods and services is far from new. This paper argues that the separation or the relocation of the coding function out of the HIM department into the Revenue Cycle Management is justifiable as it provides the organization a coding control mechanism, optimization, and efficiency. The coding control mechanism is arguably the single most important element in the facility’s financial operations as it will speed up the billing process. According to Lila Mayer, RHIA, the regional director of coding for…

Billing and Coding

Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) Level II entail nationwide codes used to report supplies and services offered within outpatient locations to Medicaid and Medicare patients that are left out by HCPSC Level I (Current Procedural Terminology -CPT) code. Recent HIPAA federal regulations require regular electronic claims to have Level II regulations. Many big countrywide players, like employee’s compensation financiers, acknowledge HCPCS level II regulations. Local Medicare transporters, business publishers, CMS, or Ingenix provide such codes (Smith, 2003). Suitable HCPCS level II regulations come before CPT codes regarding Medicare invoicing. However, numerous private players choose National Drug Codes (NDC) or Level I regulations instead of HCPCS Level II regulations, which may confuse medical care experts, thus causing denial of claims….

Why Women Smile

After smiling brilliantly for nearly four decades, I now find myself trying to quit. Or, at the very least, seeking to lower the wattage a bit. Not everyone I know is keen on this. My smile has gleamed like a cheap plastic night-light so long and so reliably that certain friends and relatives worry that my mood will darken the moment my smile dims. “Gee,” one says, “I associate you with your smile. It’s the essence of you. I should think you’d want to smile more!” But the people who love me best agree that my smile which springs forth no matter where I am or how I feel-hasn’t been serving me well. Said my husband recently, “Your smiling face…