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Codes of practice and guidance Status Essay

Definitions – equality, equality of opportunity, diversity, different types of discrimination (direct, indirect etc); equality legislation (UK, EU, the international picture); human rights legislation; coverage of legislation: employees, customers, stakeholders; industry requirements eg. public sector; conflicts eg. between law and religious or cultural beliefs Codes of practice and guidance Status of guidance and codes of practice ie. voluntary, required; industry standards or requirements eg. public sector requirements Benefits Benefits of equality and diversity in workforce, benefits of equality and diversity in stakeholder/customer base

Needs Needs and expectations of those inside the organisation, needs and expectations of those outside the organisation; fairness and justice, impact of prejudice and discrimination on groups and individuals 2. Understand the dynamics of leading and managing equality and diversity in an organisation Commitment Creating a language and culture of commitment; how the behaviour, actions and words of those within the organisation support commitment to equality and diversity; the importance of showing respect; leading by example Policies and procedures

Policies and procedures for legal compliance, policies and procedures to meet organisational aims and commitment, writing equality and diversity policies, how to ensure procedures help to meet policy Communication Importance of communicating commitment, policies and procedures; training staff; raising awareness of staff and stakeholders. Ensuring suppliers are aware of commitment, policies and procedures eg. website designers, printers consider accessibility issues in terms of language, size of text; facilities management consider suitability of premises access and use etc .

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