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Code of Conduct BLANK, Inc Essay

To ensure the safety of each employee and customer of BLANK, Inc., each member of the company must understand, comply to, and sign the company’s code of conduct.

1. Employees must maintain the highest standard of business conduct by providing only accurate and truthful business records.

The company must relay on the honesty of the employee to accurately maintain business operations and records.

2. Employees must not mishandle company property and equipment.

Each employee must maintain his or her work space and equipment for safety purposes.

3. Employees must protect confidential information.

Protecting clients and company confidential information is of high importance, not only for the company and existing clients but also future clients.

4. Employees must treat fellow employees and clients with respect and dignity.

Any form of harassment and / or discrimination, intentional or unintentional, about, including but not limited to, race, culture, gender, and sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

5.Employees must not enter into any conflicts of interest with other companies of the same business.

The employees are forbidden to conduct business with other companies in the same business.

By signing this Code of Conduct the employee understands and complies with each point. The employee also understands that by signing the Code of Conduct, this document becomes a binding contract between the employee and BLANK, Inc.. Violating these rules an employee can and will be disciplined in the form of suspension and/ or termination of BLANK, Inc. In case of termination, the former employee will not allowed to conduct business of the same as BLANK, Inc. within 100-mile radius.

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