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Cochlea Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The difference between Abigail Williams and Elizabeth Proctor

A cochlear implant is a device that provides partial hearing to the deaf. To get the device, surgery must be performed to implant it in the inner ear. The device does not make sound louder or easier to understand, it just directly arouses the hearing nerve so that the deaf and hard-of-hearing people can admit sound. Cochlear implants are not detrimental to the Deaf Culture for three reasons. It is a huge life changer and opportunity giver, the Deaf Culture/community will always remain apart of the person’s life, and their socialization would be broadened. The first reason cochlear implants are not detrimental to the Deaf Culture is it is a huge opportunity giver and life changer. By implanting the person…

In Surdam Memoriam: Karl Jaekel

As I read in surdam memoriam: Karl Jaekel, it showed me how society during the 1800’s throughout the 1900’s had a very negative view on Deaf people and sign language. Hard of hearing and or deaf-mute people used to be considered as a lower class. For a family to assume that a deaf child became “Deaf and dumb” by accident was not uncommon. American parents of that day were much more comfortable admitting to congenital than to adventitious deafness in their offspring. Uncle Charlie was enrolled in the Pennsylvania Institution for the Deaf and Dumb where he was enrolled in the shoemaking department, one of the three industrial programs open to boys, and the other two were tailoring and printing….

Audism Unveiled

Audism Unveiled Audism by it’s very definition is a negative or oppressive attitude towards deaf people by either deaf or hearing people and organizations, and a failure to accommodate them. This documentary really opened my eyes as to what deaf people have gone through since the beginning of time. They have been treated with prejudice and oppression. They have been looked down upon- as if they are some sort of “subhuman” not worthy of being classified as a normal person because of the fact that they cannot hear. Audism goes under the same category as racism, sexism, discrimination, etc. In the movie, “Audism Unveiled,” they were many testimonials of different deaf people explaining their stories of oppression simply because of…