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Climates Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Evidence of Bergman’s Rule in Indigenous Inhabitants of Different Climates

From a layman’s point of view, Bergmann’s Rule could be quiet evident in the differences of anatomical physiques of people near the equator and inhabitants of the arctic region. Nordic and Eskimos have relatively larger body mass than the indigenous peoples of the Congo or Papua New Guinea. There are other noticeable differences as well. One of these is postulated by Allen’s rule which states that populations of a geographically widespread species living in warm regions will have longer extremities (arms and legs) than those living in cold regions. On other species, Peter Mayhew came up with the following finding that for bird species, there was a pattern on the variables associated with latitude and body size, though not ubiquitous,…

Creating Climates for Learning for Diverse Learners

In the case of Pon, it makes sense that his behavior and learning problems do stem from the fact that he is different from his peers. In his age group, it is usually the case that being different results to being discriminated against (Rogers, 2004). Rather than forcing the child to “fit in” with his classmates, it would be more appropriate to channel his differences to positive learning experiences. Activities that promote the showcasing of individual differences such as “show and tell”, or “talent shows” may be incorporated to allow the class to express their ideas and make each other see how different they are from one another. In discovering their differences, each member of the class would realize that…