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Client-Server Networking Essay

What I can think of to return the computer to an operational state is troubling a video problem. It maybe relating to the graphic card and the program that may run with it. The graphics adapter may either be corrupted or installed wrong under a different version. For example if the graphic is supposed to be run on a x64 based window 7 instead of a x86 version. Making sure that your video card must have a display driver installed in order to do anything but the most basic drawing to the screen.

If you’re having any problems with your video card, one of the first things you should do is download the latest display driver, uninstall the current display driver, and then install the new driver you downloaded. This could help with any other problems that may have occurred. Another thing to remember is to uninstall your current display driver before installing one. If you don’t uninstall first then you can sometimes cause some pretty obscure problems. Another potential problem solver is to try another monitor that can handle the screen resolution.

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