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Tuning Out to be Heard Loud and Clear

There is a reason TVs and radios come with an on-off switch, so people can use them. TV and radio are as commercial as any other industry, and they should be.  Preserving the people’s interest in available public broadcasting by presenting information in a balanced manner is a nice ideal, but ultimately a foolish one if you want to maintain a free and capitalistic society.  It is drafted in The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that “Congress shall make no law.  .  .  abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” Yet in 1949 the Fairness Doctrine was enacted which stifled this right.  It was a point of much controversy in broadcasting for nearly 40 years until it…

Pigeon Plague in Our Cities

In an opinion piece entitled ‘Pigeon Plague in Our Cities’, Jo Bonella uses a broad range of persuasive techniques in an attempt to persuade readers to accept his contention that a new program to stop pigeon feeding is needed to deal with a growing “pigeon plague”. Bonella firstly builds a very negative view of pigeons, describing the presence of these “pests” as a “plague” and pointing out that they were imported into Australia long ago for specific purposes, planting in readers’ minds the idea that they clearly do not belong in our cities now. The association of pigeons – which many readers may first see as pleasant and harmless – with such ugly and undesirable things as cockroaches and rats…

Ogilvy & Mather

One of the most definitive problems with Charlotte Beers’ brand stewardship was her communicative process with upper-level management. While it may be true that Beers’ was able to develop a clear vision of Brand Stewardship and explain what that meant to her collaborative team “thirsty for change,” the idea was only a concept at the end of their meeting summit. It is essential to the success of any plan that a strategy must first be developed, and to that point, Charlotte Beers was initially on track. She brought together a team to devise a vision and plan for what Ogilvy & Mather was to become, but she never fully developed what that strategy meant and how it was to be…