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Classrooms Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Culturally Inclusive Classrooms

How to build culturally inclusive and resilient ELEMENTARY classrooms and what types of supports are in communities that can facilitate student efforts to overcome cultural gaps in the home and in the school (elementary/secondary school level) A culturally inclusive classroom may consist of extremely diverse ethnic composition of students. With new immigration, more and more students are entering school, with little or no knowledge of English and have diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. A recent study on 400 school children in California shows that only 4% of enrolled children come from a single racial group (Chang, 1993). This has resulted in making of classrooms that have students coming from various nationalities, languages, social and economic backgrounds. The growing diversity is…

Controversy in Classrooms

Parents have opposing goals for their children based on their diverse backgrounds, demographics, and beliefs. Each child attends school with a particular concluding goal in mind. Some students attend their public school with the plan to go to college, some will finish and claim their place in the family business, some join the military, and some know they will work a laborious job that does not require education, but go because it is mandated by the law. Public schools, however, treat everyone the same. Backgrounds, prior knowledge, and the real life goals that a particular student may need to survive are not a priority in today‚Äôs public school system due to government control and the limits placed on what can…