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Classroom Problems Essay

1.Classroom Shortage
Teachers have to shout so loud because 70 – 100 students were jam packed sharing one classroom. Many classrooms have been divided into two by partitions. Stairwells and corridors have been converted into miniature classrooms. There were morning and afternoon sessions (2 shifts) to accommodate all students.

2.Bullying inside the classroom
Disunity and bullying greatly affects a student behavior and performance inside the classroom. Bullying is very damaging to a student. It might affect his/her self-confidence and might induce the student to go into a shell and thus makes his world gloomier.

3.Classroom Behavior
One of the biggest problems that are usually encountered by the teachers are their student’s behavior. It can cause disrupt for other students in the class. Other issues are students who don’t want to participate for various reasons. Also students being unprepared for school, not having the resources, or having homework done, because of various reasons (home life, parent problems, etc).

4.Lack of parental cooperation
Many parents lack guidance to their kids. It is a great help to a student success if parents were able to guide their siblings well. There were times that parents start attacking their student’s teacher when they hear complain from their kid against teacher. Parents like to defend their child without knowing their child’s behavior and problems.

5.Lack of technology inside the classroom (in schools)
Computers as part of technology are now essential to classroom learning. Many schools are still not able to introduce even the basics of computer literacy to their students because they are still behind civilization.

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