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Classroom Observation Essay

a.Reading class
b.2 staff/approximately 17 students
c.Smaller class than usual and one of a few classrooms that have an additional staff (paraprofessional) d.4th grade (student functions on 2nd grade level for Reading) II.Type of Task
a.Independent reading/worksheet

Student is presented with an independent reading task.
Least to most hierarchy of student’s specific behavior plan.

Antecedent in detail
When presented with an independent reading assignment (following similar group work assignment) student will become frustrated because of the difficulty of the assignment causing the maladaptive behavior described Behavior in detail.

For this student disruptive behavior is defined as any occurrence of calling out, teasing others, name calling, kicking his desk, and/or screaming/yelling that interferes with his and his peers’ instructional time. Consequences in detail .

This student’s maladaptive behavior of disruption will result in consequences that range from the least to most hierarchy. This is specifically redirection to task, verbal reprimand of upcoming consequences, in class time out away from the majority of the students (at this time the student is still required to be working on the independent task), out of class time out (monitored by the paraprofessional), sent to the behavior specialist assigned to this student. This last step typically results in a phone call to the parent/guardian explaining the student’s maladaptive behavior. It also may result in the requirement of a meeting of the pertinent parties involved (teacher, paraprofessional, and behavior specialist.

Dwayne Williams03/29/2010

Student is presented with an independent reading task.


Least to most hierarchy of student’s specific behavior plan.
For Attention

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