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Classes Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Ways to Get Good Grades

There are several good techniques in making good grades. First, it is very important to attend all the classes. It is sometimes especially difficult to arrive and stay awake during early morning classes. So, preparation is important. You must go to bed early, sleep well, get up and have a good breakfast. Studies show that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day, providing 50% of the nutritional support that a student needs to succeed. Carrying a cup of coffee to class is a good addition to breakfast. Once you arrive, note taking is very important. Next, it is important to study and review notes immediately after class while the information is fresh. That way you can study the…

Portable Lecture Classes

Due to the fast advancing technology, academic instructional materials are evolving with every wave of change. Electronic devices allow the accessibility of information with much convenience, giving students more alternatives on their preferred medium of learning. Today, iPods, laptops, and other gadgets are part of the new wave of scholastic reinforcement for students that educational institutions are currently welcoming. The advantages that these devices are currently being maximized by students and instructors alike in order to assist student learning and provide them enough venues to reach their optimal potentials. The Future of Academic Learning: Portable Lecture Classes In an article from Newsweek issue of November 28, 2005 written by Peg Tyre , the author wrote on the newest innovation that…