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Cjs 240 week 2 checkpoint Essay

Juvenile delinquency along with the punishments associated with it seems to be one of the touchier subjects in today’s society. When it comes to juveniles, there are a number of different things that lead them to commit crimes. Things like the level of crime in their community, the bond they have with their parents, and even their economic status all lead juveniles to crime. In order for communities to even start to deter crime among juveniles, they need to start implementing a number of sources. One strategy will not just wipe out juvenile crime, you need a combination of many things to keep children away from crime.

When it comes to general deterrence, my opinion is that it starts at home. While a child is growing up, his or her parents play a large role in their child’s concept and view of the world. They also help their children deal with feelings and issues that they come across. A positive up bringing will more than likely create a positive outcome, while a negative up bringing is more likely to produce a negative outcome. If a parent is into illegal behavior, the child is likely to follow in those footsteps. In terms of specific deterrence, this comes from people like social workers.

Social workers are there to help the children in desperate need. They produce the positive influence that many from broken homes and poverty so desperately need and do not receive at home. With situational crime prevention, I believe this falls on the community as a whole. It is up to the community to make sure that there is safety. If a community is not safe, crime will breed like wild fire.

With all the concepts on juvenile crime prevention, I believe that general deterrence is the one that is going to have the most effect. Parents have to determine the right amount of discipline. Too much discipline can cause your child to turn to illegal activity and the same goes for too little discipline. Too many times have we seen that parents want to be friends and not parents. Fix that problem, and you are one step closer to stop juvenile crime.

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