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City Schools Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Sufficient Budget for K-12 Inner City Schools

Catherine Gewertz (2008) in “Pennsylvania Lawmakers Eyeing Cost of School Finance Revamp” outlines the recent legislature actions over the education sector. A 2007 legislative costing-out study released in November reveals that, to deliver quality education, $2,500 more is needed for every child in the Keystone State. The 2008 fiscal budget amounting to $27. 2 billion provides $9. 4 billion for pre-collegiate education, 6. 1 percent more than the previous year. It also provides $75 million for 11,000 preschool students and $20 million for the expansion of full-day kindergarten programs. Other expansion measures include: providing laptops for high school students, boosting high school coursework, expanding dual-enrollment options and foundation funding. The state board of Pennsylvania is seeking to require high school…