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Citizens Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Citizens of America

Fellow countrymen, I stand before you today, to present my job application details, for the highest office on land. Citizens of America, today stands a man who is willing to sacrifice his self ambitions, a man who is willing to lay off his personal plans and embrace those of the state, a man who is willing to sacrifice his self esteem on the alter of criticism and a man who is able to lead this country to heights unprecedented before. Indeed, this man stands before you today and passes on his application details unto you, to be evaluated and approved if you so feel that he qualify beyond any reasonable doubts to become the fiftieth president of the United States…

Formal balance of powers between the EU institutions and shaping of European integration

Citizens in Europe want political stability and they feel that the emergence of a European union as the best way to more effectively defend their interests, while at the same time preserving their national specificities. In 1967, the executive structures of the three communities (ECSC,EEC,and Euratom) were merged and the EC (European communities) were formed. European governance is very difficult as relationship expands and organization is involved. The only way to make sense of this difficulty is to move towards the European Union (ECU) as a constitutional system whose constitutional parts interrelate in usual patterns. The study of the ECU’s legal logic can illuminate the history of European assistance and make calculation about future interactions. Balances of Powers: The balance…