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citizen Essay Topics & Paper Examples

The naval blockade of the Japanese

The naval blockade of the Japanese held islands dates back to decades ago when the Japan attacked the United States and its allies. It is referred to as the pacific war and it involved the attack on Pearl Harbor which led to a serious conflict of the Second World War. The war continued until the year 1945 when the United States staged two atomic bombs in Japan. The first one was dropped in Hiroshima and the second one in Nagasaki. After a few days, Japan admitted to defeat and gave up the war, Davis (1-3). According to The Citizen’s Compendium, Japan was unable to send supplies and troops to support Okinawa which exposed Japan to danger of attacks since Okinawa…

The History Boys

What elements of Bennetts own educational experiences has he used in “the History Boys”? Bennett says that he was made fun of at school for coming to school in a suit on the day of his exams. He says he did this because he thought the exam was an occasion and he must rise to it. This show us how he felt towards his exams and probably shows how some of the boys in his book would have felt like when taking their exams. This shows how important he thinks exams are and this theme will probably reflect in the book. Bennett then goes to talk about taking his finals at oxford, this is where the boys in the book…