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Cisco Systems Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Organizational Culture of Cisco Systems Inc.

Cisco Systems, Inc. is a global company that embodies the many characteristics of a company that values its employees as much as its clients. Cisco listens to their employees and responds to their needs. Cisco Systems has long been recognized as being one of the top 25 best places to work in America because of how its high regard for its employees. Cisco’s Organizational AppealThe appeal of Cisco’s organizational culture is that it appreciates its employees. It offers flexibility that few other companies do. This is particularly appealing to me in that I have observed over the years that many companies forget that if an employee feels like a stakeholder in the business, then he or she will be far…

Cisco case

1. What are the challenges faced by Cisco in introducing a major product like Viking? There are four main challenges encountered by Cisco: Time-to-Market pressure: Cisco has only one year to launch Viking. Since the development of technology accelerates information exchange and boost customers’ demand, only companies that can catch the market transitions quickly can survive in the rapidly-changing society. Cost pressure: Price competition in hi-tech market is rather fierce. E.g. bandwidth prices were constantly dropping while customers expected continuous improvement in price-performance on their equipment. Immense technical complexity and concern on outsourcing production: For example, Viking contained some 300,000 components, which is 30 times more than in a small business router. So this requires a high ability for the…

Cisco’s Strategy in Recessionary Times

Executive Summary This report is an examination into the strategic management practices used by Cisco Systems, Inc., over the dot com bubble from 1997 to 2000 and an overview of Cisco as a company, and its acquisitions over the past 20 years. The report was created by Alex Quigley, Eoin McCrann and Daniel Ozac, as part of a continuous assessment deliverable as part of BSHCE3, Hons Degree in computing at the National College of Ireland. It is supported by a PowerPoint presentation of the same name, in the attached appendix. Introduction The report will first review the literature used during the research of the topic and outline the types of information resources used during the reports generation and an overview of…