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Cirrhosis Symptoms Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Pathological gambler

The dynamics of gambling disorder and the gambler’s personality profiles were asserted by Dr. Richard Rosenthal, a well known gambling addiction expert and cited the three criteria in assessing a pathological gambler. These criteria are the individual’s feeling of helplessness, guilt and depression, a well developed capacity for self–deception and the actual exposure to gambling. The individual’s physical and hereditary predispositions are also major causes that link gambling addiction to depression that may result to suicide. In terms of physical attributes, a gambler’s brain contains a higher level of chemical known as norepinephrine than a normal individual, due to excreted stress and excitement to win the game. Signs and Symptoms To determine the extent of gambling addiction, the American Psychological…

Typical body cells

Typical body cells show some vital characteristics in that they: self-replicate precisely; halt replication promptly; collect at the correct location; perform self-destruction in case they get damaged; and mature or specialize. Unlike typical cells, cancerous cells: do not die after relocating to a different body part; fail to respond to signals produced by different cells; do not congregate together; do not halt duplication; and do not specialize plus do not mature. Cancerous cells fail to halt replication following doubling fifty or sixty times. They could halt self-destruction or could perform self-destruction at a slower rate than the duplication rate and hence their amount persists on increasing. A cancerous cell component supersedes conventional signaling structures perhaps because genes responsible for instructing…