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Cinema of the United States Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How does “Taxi Driver”

“Taxi driver” subvert the classical Hollywood genre due to its ending. In a classical Hollywood genre, the story is supposed to end with a resolution, but in this film we do not learn the true ending, because the one we do see is quite obscure and unexpected; Betsy in the back of Travis’ cab. There are many signs that this ending may be a figment of Travis’ imagination such as the way we are never shown Betsy actually sitting in the back of the cab, we only see her through Travis’ rear view mirror. This could suggest that the ending is more what Travis wanted to happen, not what actually happened. The film goes against classical Hollywood genre by its…

Winter’s Bone Film

In American Independent Cinema, Geoff King states “This book is organized around three main points of orientation: the position of individual films, or filmmakers, in terms of (1) their industrial location, (2) the kind of formal/ aesthetic strategies they adopt and (3) their relationship to the broader social, culture political or ideological landscape…they are produced in an ultra-low-budget world a million miles from that of Hollywood blockbuster; they adopt formal strategies that disrupt or abandon the smoothly flowing conventions associated with the mainstream Hollywood style: and they offer challenging perspectives on social issues, a rarity in Hollywood.” I agree with Geoff King’s definition of Independent Cinema. Independent films are films that show non-traditional cinematography; usually tell the story of people…