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Cincinnati Subs Essay

Cincinnati Super Subs employee makeup is mostly young students in college and in high school; management has indicated that the chain has experienced “below average profitability over the past 18 months” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2013, p. 156). The below average profitability is linked to the increase of food wastage, management has taken steps to address the issue from reduction and elimination of food allowance accounts to the increased visual scrutiny given workers. The changes made by management were only successful for a few months, after the managers reduced their time in daily operations the amount of food wastage began to increase. To reduce food wastage management must have a presence in daily operations at the sub chain, create and enforce punishments for violations, set goals and create rewards for the reduction in food wastage.

Indications of Problems at Cincinnati Super Subs
​Food wastage at Cincinnati Super Subs is a huge problem that has resulted in the reduction of monthly bonuses given to management. The staff at the chain complains about the amount or lack of food allowances given, this would prompt employees to “help themselves to food and drinks when the managers aren’t around” (McShane & Von Glinow, 2013, p. 156). The reduction in profitability over the past 18 months at stores has indicated the levels of food wastage have significantly impacted management employee relations and overall costs at the chain. The importance of reducing food wastage is not realized by non-management staff, they feel that the amount of food/drinks given away or eaten isn’t a significant amount of profits. Corrective actions taken against employees have reduced staff levels as some employees have quit and warned others about seeking employment at Cincinnati Super Subs. Management failed to accurately identify and corrects the causes of food wastage, and in the process caused employee dissatisfaction.

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