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Chupacabra Essay Topics & Paper Examples

El Chupacabra: Legend or Beast

Latin American storytelling of the mythological Chupacabra, whose alleged sightings relate to those of aliens and vampires, regulate children’s behavior by implanting a fear of the unknown. Since 1995, stories about a strange, blood-sucking, goat-eating dog-like monster appear in many scholarly articles, journals, and books causing mass hysteria. With several misconceptions, witnesses believe the Chupacabra preyed on and mutilated goats and other farm animals. Articles, journals, books, and people’s stories have often compared and described the Chupacabra as a vampire from outer space. Without proper research and knowledge, people draw conclusions of such creatures, but in time came to find such misconceptions to be false and integrate the creatures into story telling. Through DNA testing, carcasses of so-called Chupacabras result…