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Chronicle Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Anglo-Saxon Prose

Anglo-Saxon prose is earnestly practical and instructionally religious. Contrasted with Anglo-Saxon poetry, it reveals no originality of thought or of emotion but is remarkably free from its parallelisms, inversions, periphrases, and excessive use of metaphor and epithet. Loose in its compound sentence structure, common in its simple sentence arrangement, if somewhat stiff, it was generally direct and clear, forceful, occasionally rhythmical. Alfred, the Great,(848-901), King of Wessex(871-901), is called the Father of English prose. To give impetus to the development of English letters and culture at a time when the English social and political life was in utter disarray owing to the Danish invasions, Alfred began a series of translations from Latin works. In this he was assisted by Bishop…

Presentation and Role of Religion in Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Chronicle of a Death Foretold is set in Columbia, where the extreme theocentricity means every character’s actions are intrinsically affected by religion. Whilst Marquez also explores much deeper religious issues, the action of the novel centres on the God-fearing townspeople allowing the murder of Santiago Nasar, which clearly contradicts the Christian commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill’1 Since female virginity is so venerated in the Catholic faith, when Santiago is accused of taking Angela Vicario’s virginity, her life would be worthless without it, and Angela’s brothers are charged with redeeming her honour. The novel can boil down to the assertion that a man died because of the teaching of both the Catholic Church, and the embedded paganistic values that are subliminally…