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Christmas Carol-‘Fear Is the Only Motivator for Scrooge. It Is When the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Shows Him His Lonely Grave That He Decides to Change.’ Essay

The main character, Scrooge was scared towards the end. Scrooge is a character from “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens’. Dicken shows Scrooge supernatural things throughout this novel by creating a scary looking angel of death that points to Scrooge’s future grave. The other character who appears towards the end, doesn’t play a big role as the angel of death. The first supernatural appearance didn’t really scare Scrooge. Scrooge thought he was just seeing things when he saw Marley’s face on his house’s door knob. In my opinion when Dickens shows Scrooge the ghost’s image which looked like Marley, Scrooge gets surprise but not scared. Scrooge didn’t actually believe in Marley when he told him “In the next couple of nights there will be ghost that will visit you”. When Marley leaves Scrooge, Scrooge acts like nothing has happened. None of the ghost makes Scrooge regret life as the last ghost even when the next supernatural ghost visits Scrooge. The second ghost is telling you remember when you were with Belle.

The ghost try’s to scare him by showing him and it doesn’t work probably because the way I defined that moment was Scrooge didn’t show any change about Belle. In my opinion you can regret the past and forget it but you’re going to regret it more when you know you’re going to die in a certain years then go with Marley roaming the earth. I think the second last ghost was a waste of character. When you’re trying to change someone you’re trying to show him scary thing not that like feast and caring moment. Why show Scrooge people caring about him when you can show him people talk about Scrooge after his death. When trying to scare a person is by scaring him and getting the punishment. It’s like getting a fine for speeding you’ll be scared about the punishment and not do it again. When the angel of death comes Scrooge already gets scared not like when the last ghost comes wearing nice cloths and throne made up of food. The ghost appears for the dark and fog around his legs which make his entire more scarier and to tell Scrooge things are going to get heaps more serious now and forget about the other ghost, they were being nice but I’m not going to be like them. When the ghost makes Scrooge cry, the ghost has finished his job. When he (ghost) makes Scrooge cry, the cry of Scrooge represents his going to change and you got so scared that you start to cry. I don’t know if you recognised that Scrooge only makes a promise to the last ghost. I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.” Only make promises when you’re ready to become something new like Scrooge now. I finally say that the best way to make someone regret and change them is by scaring them and I strongly agree that fear is the only motivator for Scrooge is when the ghost of Christmas yet to come shows him his lonely grave that he decides to change.

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