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Christian Dating & Marriage Customs Essay

For Christians, searching for a lifetime partner is not an easy task, but if it is done properly and patiently, it can be very rewarding. Partners are sought after, of course, within the limited pool of Christianity. Often potential dates arise from acquaintances within the same church that men and women regularly visit. They may becomes friends later as a result of being actively involved in church activities, whether as volunteers during Sunday services, such as in the choir or Sunday school, or as outreach volunteers working to help the community.

However, stronger ties bind two people together when they spend more time in situations that are challenging. Thus, for Christians, dating in a movie theatre is not recommended. Instead, spending time together serving the homeless in a shelter, for example, will be more productive in getting to know each other and building rapport. Once a couple is ready to get married, they will celebrate their union with spiritual rituals and customs during the wedding day. The seating of parents and grandparents as honored guests come first during the ceremony.

Then it is followed by the Bridal Processional where the Minister, Groom, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Maid of Honor, Best Man, Flower Girl and Ring Bearer slowly enter. The Bride, together with her father, then marches in. Next, the minister leads the Call to Worship and Opening Prayer. The parents then give the Bride away and a Worship Song follows while the wedding couple moves to the stage and the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl sit together with their parents. The couple then proclaims their promises through the Charge, the Pledge and Wedding Vows.

The rings are then exchanged and the Lighting of the Unity Candle comes next. Finally, through the Pronouncement, the couple is officially wed. They kiss and are presented by the Minister. Communion and a Closing Prayer may also be included before the Recessional, where the participants exit the stage, Groom and Bride first, followed by the Best Man and Maid of Honor, the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids, and the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl (Fairchild 2010). References Fairchild, Mary. (2010). “Christian Wedding Ceremony – A Complete Outline. ” About. com.

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