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Christendom Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Art and the Roman Catholic Church

Art and the Roman Catholic Church have ties that go back to the simple foundation of Christianity itself. Through the beginning of the 1st century through modern times, art has played a crucial role for the church and it’s 2.1 billion person following. Art has been used to portray events in the history of Catholicism as well as to convey the message of the Bible, the Christian religions most valued source of information. Artistic styles have varied throughout the years, taking on a gothic look after the era of the Byzantine Empire, the Romanesque style of architecture, diving into forms of art such as theatre and poem, art and the Catholic Church have been tightly associated for centuries. Before the…

The Secular Western Society

In today’s society, many of our decisions are guided by forces such as employment, social needs, self-sufficiency and moral obligations, such as the church. Over the past century we have seen a dramatic shift in which these needs or forces have taken precedence over one another. Nowadays, greed and social protocols tend to run our daily lives where moral dependency and faith have lost significance. As the world develops, where technology and processes are growing at an alarming rate the need for religion both socially and morally may be lost. It seems although even people who call themselves religious or claim to have a religious structure still do not fully understand and truly grasp the teaching or ideology behind the…