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Chowking Essay Topics & Paper Examples

Marketing Planning

Assume you have been appointed as a marketing consultant for Jollibee. As part of the international expansion program, the management wants you to prepare a report to identify marketing opportunities. The report should cover the following information: a) Identify three potential markets for expansion Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) is banking on franchising and overseas expansion to continuously boost its earnings in the long run. The aggressive expansion program is in line with doubling the company’s earnings in 5 years, company officials said. JFC board chairman Tony Tan Caktiong said the ideal business mix is 50-50 for franchising and company-owned expansion. JFC’s branches outside the Philippines are all company-owned, except those in the Middle East. In the Philippines, 45% of the…

Jolli Bee Case study

In 1975 Jollibee Food Corporation began as an ice cream parlor and was run by the Chinese-Filipino Tan family. After the oil crisis in 1977 Tony Tan Caktiong (TTC) expected the ice cream prices to soar. The consequence of this incident was, that the family diversified into a home-style Philippine hamburger, which was quickly desired by the customers. As a result of the big success the family opened five stores in Manila, where the family incorporated as Jollibee Foods Corporation. When McDonald’s entered the Philippine market in 1981 Jollibee had to face his first serious challenge. With already 11 in their back Jollibee was fearless and confident. Moreover Philippine customers preferred the spicy taste of their hamburgers. Nevertheless McDonald’s, who…