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Children social and emotional development Essay

The advantage that day cares provide to children is, they help the child to socialize and improve any social skill. For example a kid who never go out and play with other children doesn’t know and doesn’t learn a different environment than the family atmosphere. Many cases as a result of it, children grow up shy and sometimes have difficulties to create social relationships with others. At daycares kids learn to see the differences between others kids, they might find people who speaks different languages or belong to a different ethnicity. So they start to see the world it’s different outside of home. Daycares help children to discover new things, improve social and emotional develop because children are around children and are not with the parents all the times, so it creates security and independence from parents, which it help in the future when this child becomes a teenager.

Day care absolutely have a lot of influence in the language aspect. When a child stays home, this child just listen to how the mother or father speaks and sometimes mom has the bad habit to “talk little” or keep thinking the child is still a newborn confusing the toddler with small words.” The language used by the caregiver is the most important factor that predicted children’s cognitive and language outcome”. Children are like sponge, they absorb everything specially from the age 0 to 3, those ages are crucial for the cognitive social and emotional develop, and day cares help in a big part to increase and ensure the well develop of the child.

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