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Children Act 1989 Essay Topics & Paper Examples

How Childrens Act 1989 Protects Children

In this essay going to explain how children act 1989 protects children and what circumstances are they used? I’m going to outline the section 17 and 47 of children act and what they are and how they would be used to protect children and in what circumstances are the act used. I will be outlining how they could benefit the child. When would the family support be used the most and in what circumstances it should be used. Children Act 1989 was a framework provided for the care and protection of children and young people. This was the first legislation that recognised the needs of children who were vital. All the child care law related to children that are being…

Ccld level 5 unit 5

1. Understand the values, principals and statutory frameworks that underpin service provisions in children’s care, learning and development. 1. 1 ‘National Occupational Standards (NOS) describe best practice by bringing together skills, knowledge and values. National Occupational Standards are valuable tools to be used as benchmarks for qualifications as well as for defining roles at work, staff recruitment, supervision and appraisal. ’ (www. skillsforcare. org. uk 18/04/15). The standards are for people who work with children aged 0-16 years and their families within settings where the main service is children’s care learning and development. NOS as stated above set a ‘benchmark’ for good practice and are key for training and gaining qualifications. They underpin the whole set of standards and impact on…

Understanding Safeguarding of Children and Young People

Understanding safeguarding of children and young people ( for those working in the adult sector ) 1:1 Some of the Policies and procedures along with practices include : The Children Act 1989 allocated duties to local authorities, courts, parents and other agencies in the United Kingdom, to ensure children are safeguarded and their welfare is promoted. Its focus is on the idea that children are best cared for within their own families; however, it also makes provisions for instances when parents and families do not co-operate with statutory bodies. This act enhanced in 2004. Every Child Matters : (ECM) The government put this in to place in 2003 , This covers all children , young people up to the age…