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Child Labor: negative impacts on the society Essay

The International Labor Organization (ILO) estimates there are about 12 million children engaged at work in India. This is an alarming statistic. Thesis – Not only is child labor, a violation of law to the rights of children, it is also Potentially damaging the education.

Reflection on the economy.
Causing health issues.
Body Paragraph 1: child labor is detriment to education.
Lack of education in childhood causes future unemployment. “Child labor is a hazard to a child’s mental physical, social, educational, emotional and spiritual development” (Virk, 2013). Adulthood unemployment.

Declined literacy rate.
Body Paragraph 2: socio-Economics problem.
Futures of the economic countries very much depend on this valuable asset. “Child labor is a product of economic necessity and economic distress” (Virk, 2013). Poverty forces parents to send their children to work.

Body Paragraph 3: Introduction of health problems.
Existence of significant health effect.
“If families are insufficiently aware of the hazards, health, or if prevailing societal attitudes are tolerant of child labor, children are again less likely to be directed towards classroom rather than the workplace” (Virk, 2012). Experiences greater morbidity and mortality.

Also impacts the psychological hazards, like isolation, abuse, exploitation. Conclusion:
Child labor has extremely issues.
Detriment to the Education of Children.
Negative impact on Economy of the developing countries.
Poverty related health problems.

Virk, S. k. (2013). Child labour in India: A Socio-Economic problem; legal remedies and solution. AJRSH, 3(5), 56-63. Retrieved May 2, 2013, from the Journal of Asian Research Consortium database. world report on child labour (pp. 11-26). (2013). child labour and economic vulnerability. geneva: international labour office.

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